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Clean Air

Guarantee safer air and drinkable water quality in your domestic or business places thanks to the ozone technology.


Bio Relax

Relax lovingly and peacefully using FIR bed accessories to improve your physiological recovery and wake up full of energy.


Fir Daily

Wear FIR clothing to reduce weakness and stress in your daily life.


Fir Sport

Choose FIR sportswear to increase more energy and better your performances.

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the potential of nature

Today, ozone is the most effective natural disinfectant: it quickly reaches the most hidden places and removes up 99.98% of impurities. Our high-intensity ozone generators use this biological technology to sanitise environments.

Clean Air products

FIR clothing:

Far Infrared Radiation

FIR technology uses biogenetic infrared rays or physiological waves, which penetrate our vital system and affect the water molecules in our body. Thanks to the bio-minerals, FIR technology reflects the rays emitted by the human body, helping bio-stimulation and micro-circulation: the body benefits by gaining tone, vigour and aesthetics. Finally, this fabric brings a rejuvenating effect.

Bio Relax products
Fir Daily products
Fir Sport products

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