Why use ozone generators?

The use of ozone generators helps us relax more easily, eliminate fatigue, suffer lesser discomfort, and perform better in daily life. It is the most effective disinfecting agent against allergens and pathogens in the air and water, even compared to chemical detergents.

Ozone generators in closed-door places reduce bacterial load and odours related to or generated by human activities.

The ozone spreads throughout the environment in a capillary manner, penetrating deep into the fabrics and reaching even the most hidden spots, where bacteria and allergens lurk. Sanitisation is total. Once the ozone generators process is over, it is sufficient to refresh the treated environment, and the oxygen molecules take the place of the ozone ones.

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On October 21st, 2010, the Ministry of Health and CNSA* recognised the use of ozone in the air and water treatment as a disinfectant agent.

* National Food Safety Committee

The benefits of sanitising with ozone are:

It is also highly effective in purifying water from any biological, chemical or mineral contaminants.

Clean Air products


Far Infrared Ray

Fir technology uses infrared rays known as bio-genetic rays, i.e. life-generating rays, or physiological waves that affect the water molecules in the body penetrating our vital system.

The result is a dilation of the capillary vessels, a significant increase in blood circulation, and muscle and cell metabolism activation.

Wear FIR clothing:

Thanks to the bio-minerals in the fabric, FIR technology reflects the rays that the human body emits into contact.

This characteristic promotes bio-stimulation and micro-circulation: the body benefits by gaining tone, vigour and aesthetics and, in particular, by bringing about a rejuvenating action that affects the whole body.

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FIR technology, in direct contact with our body, works to:

We take advantage of FIR technology to offer you products for everyday use that adapt to your body and lifestyle.

Bio Relax products
Fir Daily products
Fir Sport products

Our products

Clean Air

Guarantee safer air and drinkable water quality in your domestic or business places thanks to the ozone technology.


Bio Relax

Relax lovingly and peacefully using FIR bed accessories to improve your physiological recovery and wake up full of energy.


Fir Daily

Wear FIR clothing to reduce weakness and stress in your daily life.


Fir Sport

Choose FIR sportswear to increase more energy and better your performances.

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